We have a small team of senior stylists only.
If someone successfully completes the hiring process at Moods, they have been considered among the best in Vancouver.



Vidal Sassoon trained with 11 years of experience, Johanna brings to her clients and to the salon an outstanding integrity and warmth.

2017 Top Canadian Hairstylist of the Year- Semi- Finalist
2016 British Columbia Hairstylist of the Year - Finalist
2016 Top Canadian Multicultural Stylist - Winner
2016 Canadian Texture Hairstylist of the Year - Finalist
2015 Top Canadian Colourist - Finalist
2015 Top British Columbia Stylist - Finalist
2013 British Columbia Hairstylist of the Year - Semi-finalist
2009 Canadian Colour Trophy - Semi-finalist

"Johanna was my stylist and she was incredible! Very talkative and genuine; She made the experience amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH JOHANNA! You did an absolutely amazing job on my hair and I have never gotten so many compliments.. ever! :) "
Shantelle S.

"My second visit to Moods was earlier today for a haircut with Johanna. She again exceeded my expectations. She transformed my lumpy heavy shoulder length hair into a light, playful, fun bob that complements my style. I am definitely coming back"
B. Huang

Haircuts by Johanna: $82
Highlights and Ombre start at $130
Solid Colour starts from $85





Chad, co-owner of Moods, has his work appear regularly in salon and fashion publications. He is regularly called on to be a "hair expert" for the Globe and Mail, Fashion Magazine, and the Vancouver Sun. Chad is a stage artist for Joico's National Artistic Team and is regularly backstage at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks.

2017 Top Canadian Hairstylist of the Year- Semi- Finalist
2016 Canadian Salon Team - Semifinalist
2015 Top Canadian Hairstylist - Finalist
2014 North American Salon Team of the Year - Finalist
2013 Top Canadian Hairstylist - Finalist
2012 BC Hairstylist of the Year - Winner
2011 Top Canadian Hairstylist - Winner
2010 Top Canadian Hairstylist - Winner
2009 Canadian Hairdressing Awards - Finalist
2008 Canadian Hairdressing Awards - Finalist

"Awesome haircut by co-owner of Moods Chad Taylor - love this friendly salon!! :)
April 2014 - Ricky Shetty, DaddyBlogger

"I'm finally able to sit in the chair and close my eyes without constantly having to check what's coming off my head. My hair is in a grow-out stage, and he's carefully nurturing it along to a longer length. Highly recommend Chad."
Carlene C.

Haircuts by Chad: $85
Highlights and Ombre start at $130
Solid Colour starts from $85





Looking for a change? Armineh provides excellent consultation and will walk you through your options. Colour genius!! Five years of experience, extremely talented and dedicated to her clients being happy. Here's what they say!

"Got my hair done by Sr Stylist, Armineh, she was amazing! Super talented, and got me the exact hair i've been wanting for years! From black hair to a nice ashy blonde. Love love love!"
Melody L.

"Armineh and her assistants were fab. I'm extremely pleased with my new look!"
Katie H.

"In love with my hair! Armineh slays every single time!"
Laiken C.

"Armineh has been my stylist for just over a year; she's been with me from a grown out ombre to full bleach out and i could not be happier. Its hard to find a hair stylist who you can for not only a cut but even a drastic color hair change suggestion, and Armineh is that girl for me! I recommend her to everyone i know because her passion for hair is incredible and her magic scissors never fail me ."
Erin H.

"Lets just say once you go to Armineh you don't go back! Im quite picky with my hair and have been looking for the right hairdresser for years, so happy i finally found someone i can trust. She always goes above and beyond, delivering exactly what i asked for! I recommend my friends and family to her and they always thank me after. Definitely a hairdresser for life!"
Tess O.

Haircuts by Armineh: $82
Highlights and Ombre start at $130
Solid Colour starts from $85


In the 4 years that Freddy has been a part of the Moods team, he has had consistent rapport with every client. He has an extremely high level of customer service, has great listening skills and an unmistakable flair and passion. With Vidal Sassoon training in the UK, Freddy has precision skills and is an expert in all hair types.

2017 Canadian Multicultural Hairstylist of the Year - Finalist
British Columbia Hairstylist of the Year - Finalist
2017 Canadian Texture Hairstylist of the Year - Semi-finalist
2016 British Columbia Hairstylist of the Year - Winner
2016 Canadian Texture Hairstylist of the Year - Semi finalist

"I’ve been a client of Freddy’s for two years now, and I have to say that I couldn’t be happier. My hair is always one of the first things that people ask me about and it’s all because of Freddy. Whether it’s a quick curl, a color, or drastic cut, I always leave the salon with a quality style that always turns out better than I even ask him for."
Mj Lee

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful job (Freddy) did! I love my hair/ombre and I wish I never had to wash my hair again :) 
. Tiles

"What a treat! Freddie gave me a wonderful haircut AND a great experience. He listened well and does exactly what you want. Thanks Freddie!"
R. Hanna

"I was travelling through Vancouver and found Moods on the internet. Freddy did a great job on my hair. Not knowing me, he cut exactly what I needed so that I was able to continue my travels with an easy-to-handle haircut. - Now, 6 (!) weeks later and back home in Switzerland, I am still happy!!! Thanks to Freddy, I had no more "bad hair-days" on my trip! I would always come back!"
D. Greter

Haircuts by Freddy: $82
Highlights and Ombre start at $130
Solid Colour starts from $85



With over 14 years of experience, Curtis's specialty? He can handle the most difficult situations with anyone that walks through the door and the client walks out loving him... Maybe it's because of his mantra, "A great stylist is a great listener." he says... We just can't ignore the beaming reviews from his loyal fans:

2016 British Columbia Hairstylist of the Year - WINNER
2016 Canadian Salon Team - Semifinalist

"Curtis is Fabulous! The best hair cut I have had in a long time. He is just the best in the industry. "
Sharm C. 

"Curtis, my stylist, is amazing. He is so knowledgeable about his art form and works so hard to ensure you are happy with the results. He also gives THE best scalp massages! "
Dawn K. 

"So I switched to Curtis and he is a bob GOD. I split my time between Toronto and Vancouver and ALWAYS wait until I am back home to get my hair cut because he is THAT amazing."
Sarah L. 

"Curtis is AMAZING!! He did cut, colour and style. He was fantastic and very friendly! He definitely knows his stuff! "
Christa M. 

Haircuts by Curtis: $82
Highlights and Ombre start at $130
Solid Colour starts from $85